When me and my fiance needed to secure a marriage license from the United Arab Emirates, I searched through google if there were some articles that could help me. And I found some which weren’t very helpful. And so I wanted to share my experience on how I was able to do it. We are getting married on December 23, 2008 at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai.

Here are the things you need to have and things you need to do ( this applies if both of you are Filipino Nationals) :

1. you need an AUTHENTICATED  CENOMAR . Certificate of No Marriage Record also known as Singleness Certificate.

A Certificate of No Marriage Record(CENOMAR) is simply what its name implies. It is a certification issued by the National Statistics Office  (NSO) stating that a person has not contracted marriage.

To secure a CENOMAR, you need the following information:

1. Complete name of the person to be certified
2. Complete name of the father
3. Complete maiden name of the mother
4. Date of birth
5. Place of birth
6. Complete name and address of the requesting party
7. Number or copies needed
8. Purpose for the certification

You can request this online! Just go to this site: https://www.ecensus.com.ph/Secure/frmIndex.asp . you can apply for it yourself, just ask anybody from the Philippines to pay for you since UAE cards cannot be used as a mode of payment. What I did is i asked my sister to pay in an Equitable PCI Bank, and then had the documents delivered in our home address in Manila.

When they receive the CENOMAR, they will have to go to DFA and have it authenticated or what they call red ribboned in Department of FOreign Affairs.

When you have the CENOMAR authenticated in DFA, you can now have it parceled to you in Dubai.

2. you will also need your Birth Certificates ( to verify your age)

> If you are 25 years old below, you will need a Parental Consent Form/ Letter. and both of your parents’ passport and visa copy as well.

3. A fully accomplished Application For Marriage License Forms which you can get from the Philippine Embassy in Dubai or the Philippine Consulate in Dubai.  Both of you need to fill out  a separate form.

4. An Announcement For MArriage Form. This is where you will need both of your photographs. You will need to attach the photos to the form and fill out both of your personal information. This form will be displayed at the Marriage Bans Section of the Embassy/ Consulate for 2- 3 weeks.

5. A Joint Affidavit of Witnesses to a Marriage Form. This form has to be signed by two of your witnesses on the day of the marriage.

6. Copy of you Witnesses’ (2 witnesses) Passport and Visa Page.

7. Bring extra copies of photographs.


Here’s what I did.

We went to the Philippine Consulate in Al Gusais Dubai via Business Bay. Note that they have lunch breaks. I aarived exactly during their lunch break so we had to wait for an hour till they are back from break.

>Queue to the area which says Notary. It is the one nearest to the cashier.
>They will check all your documents and then they will tell you how much you have to pay.
>Then you go to the next queue to the cashier and you pay the amount. I payed 440 dirhams.

And then you’re done.

They will set a date for you or they will give you dates available and you choose.

They conduct marriages on Thursdays, except if it falls on a public holiday, they also follow some of the Philippine’s legal holiday.

I noticed that there are some carlifts there, no cabs are available so bring a car to get there.




Is it allowed to get married in Dubai, UAE if only the male holds a residence visa while the female is on visit visa?

Hi ,

thanks ofr this.. very helpful!

Once the documents have been authenticated in DFA, do I still need to go to the UAE embassy for stamping? please let me know..thanks!

Ms rio,

i would like to ask u something, after the marriage you’re required to submit copies of the documents right? and needed to comeback after 3 months? what for?

Please needed your help. thanks, needed clarification.

Thanks for the detailed info…

Hi, im just a bit confused because of other pipol who tells me diff. infos. I’m 25 yrs old. Do I still need parent’s advice in getting married in Philippine Consulate Dubai?

Regarding the application for marriage form, do you mean one form for the bride and another form for the groom? not both of us will fill-up the same form? thanks.

Regarding the application for marriage form, do you mean one form for the bride and another form for the groom? not both of us will fill-up the same form? thanks

it must the cenomar needs red ribbon???…

The couple should have a valid UAE Residence Visa if they want to get married here in uae.

The Joint Affidavit of Witnesses to Marriage form should already be signed the day you will apply for a marriage license.

hei, this is very helpful. thanks so much

my divorce din ba sa dubai even if sa phil embassy sila ng pakasal jan sa dubai?


Thank you for the post,it was very helpful.

I just want to ask what are the requirements need to submit in DFA for the Cenomar authentication.

Thank you.

I already have all the requirements needed for the civil wedding. I also have this parental advise affidavit since i am 25 yrs.old but my question is do i really have to get a passport and visa copies of my parents kaht nsa pinas cla?

Please help.

    Hi, Dessyreigh, I think so. It would be better if you have them just in case they ask you. Ask the consulate about this.

    Hi! If both of your parents already have their passports, it would be better to attach those to their letter of consent; just to have it ready if in case needed. However, theoretically, since it is not a requirement to have the parents present during the wedding, having their passport copy is not compulsory; not unless if the embassy will oblige them to secure their passports just to have something to attach with in their letter of consent even if they are not really going here in the U.A.E. or to somewhere else, one thing that is very impractical. If your parents can’t secure their passports that quick, I recommend that you advise them to attach at least any valid gov’t id.

I just wanted to know if our birthcertificate needs to be authenticated by DFA or only our CENOMAR?

Wait n lang namin ang cenoma,birthcert attched with ribbon weee can’t wait for my big day this blog help me a lot for

hi, thanks for some info’s.. how many cenomar and birth certificate needed?

hi this is very helpful. May I ask how about if the guy is a Muslim, can we get married in the consulate??do he require the cenomar?? please help. thanks

    sorry, i wouldn’t know if you’re marrying a different nationality or with a different religion eh. call the consulate n lang to be sure.

      Paano po kung negative padin ang NSO birthcertificate ko.ok lang ba gamitin ko ung sa munisipyo birthcertificate ipapa red ribbon nlang

    No, u can’t get married In the embassy however u can in the court in Dubai, u soil need a different requirements..

      For Muslim guy he does not require cenomar only for the female, you are also required to have medical test as a requirements …

how long is the validity of the authenticated cenomar from the date issued? I get it last nov 15 2013 can I still use it if I file it on july 2014? need your advice.

hi, you’re blog is very helpful. Question; are there any dress code for getting married in the philippine consulate? does it have to be formal as in like a white dress? or can the person just wear a white blouse and pants?

hi riobebeh, ask ko lang pati din ba birth certificate need na naka authenticated red ribbon sa dfa?what if yung sa fiance ko lang ang nka dfa red ribbon then yung saken hindi?

mam rio, pato po ba ang letter of consent kelangan naka red ribbon? alin po ang naka red ribbon? kasi ipapadala lang po namin papers sa pinas at fam namin mag aayos, pls let me know para just incase na may di pa pala kami alam, maayos po namin at mapadala ng complete. thanks po.

may nakapag sabi po na pwede po ipa red ribbon sa phil embassy dito sa dubai, totoo po ba yun? or dapat po na sa pinas talaga ipa red ribbon ang mga papers? thanks po riobebeh

Hi my Girl friend works in UAE and i am in saudi, we were planning to get married this January in UAE is it possible to get marriend even though i only have tourist visa in uae?

hi po tanong ko lng my expiration po ba ung cenomar??ska pwd po ba ipa red ribbon dto s Dubai consulate ung cenomar cert.

ska po need po ba ng letter of concent frm .the parent kng nsa gae 32 at 35 na aasahan ko po ung sagot nyu tans

Hi po mam riobebeh ask ko lng ilang months po ba ung expiration ng cenomar at pwd po ba s dubai consulate ntin ipa red ribbon ung cenomar at need pba ng ng letters of consent khit 32 to 35 n ung age nmin maraming slmat po aasahan ko po ang inyong sagot god bless u!!

Thanks for the informative blog. Me and my fiancee already secured all the documents needed, except for the parental advice. my parents are in the philippines and we’re here in abu dhabi. Do you happen to know where we can get parental advise form for me? I’ve been searching the net but I can’t find any 😦

Hi just want to ask if both parties need to undergo medical, is it a requirement?

do we also need the red ribbon of dfa for the birth certificates of the couple

good evening po,magtatanong po ako kong paano ang procedure sa pagpapakasal dito sa dubai,,kasi po ang lalaki ay ibang lahi,,,,gusto ko po malaman ang dapat naming gawin…salamat po

Hi im from the Philippines and im 25 years old? Do i still need a parental consent to get married here in dubai?

Where can i get parental advice? Does it needs to be authenticated by the DFA?

can we pay here in dubai?

So no need to stamp in uae embassy.? Red ribbon is enough?

kelangan po ba ang original passport or ang CENOMAR lang? at ang birth certificate po ba kelangan din ba authenticated din?

Hello. yung rquirment na DFA-authntc8d NSO BC at CENOMAR, pwd ba dito sa dubai ipa authntc8? O kylngan tlga s pinas, DFA? if pwd dito s dubai, saan? Ty po ng marami.. .

Hi..gusto ko sana itanong sa may nakakaalam po kung paano ko gagawin to..plz..help ganito..noong taong 2008 umuwi ung gf ko galing hongkong at dubai..tapos paguwi nya may bitbit syang bata tapos sabi nya sa akin anak ko daw un nadali noong bago sya umalis..so ginawa ko sa takot ko sa parents ko sinabi ko agad..na my anak na ako ng wala sa oras..so ginawa ng parents ko sinabi pakasalan ko..so kinasal kami..tapos pagdaan ng ilang panahon..4years na ndi kmi magkaanak..wala pang control un..so nagtaka ako..ngyon 1day nagisip nlng ako..anak ko kaya ung sinasabi nya na anak ko ngyon..ngyon sinabi ko ngyon sa kanya anak ko ba talaga ung bata..sabi oo..sa tuwing magtatalik kmi..lagi ko tinatanong..bigla ko naisip ano kaya pa.DNA kmi ng bata..gus2 ko lng malam..tapos cge ikaw bahala..tapos ngyon bigla nlng sya ndi nagparandam..1year na ndi nagparandam..nabalitaan nya nadin na uuwi ako sa pinas para pa DNA ung bata..ag sabi ba nmn ku2nin nya ung bata d2 sa dubai..sabi ko nmn sa parents ko ndi ako papayag na makakapunta ung bata d2 unless pirmahan nya ung file ko na case sa kanya anullment at ung panggamit nya sa apelyido ko..ginamit nya kmi..kht ndi na sha magpakita sa akin dahil alam ko my kasama na sya sa akin..so palagay ko tama po ba ung gagawin ko..mag file ako ng case sa kanya ngyon..

need ba uae stamping and mga red ribbon na documents? tnx

I called the consulate today and they said it is okay if the the other party is holding a visit visa only 🙂

very helpful!! Thankyou so much

salamat sa information.. ask ko lang sabi mo pina ayus mo sa sister mo yung senomar pati sa red ribbon sa dfa.. wala bang hinanap na power of attorney sa kapatid mo para sya magpa red ribbon ng documents mo kasi ganun ginawa ko pero di napa red ribbon ng kaptid ko kasi hinahanapan sya ng power of attorney. salamat.. godbless

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